Designer 7.1.2 and CVS

Any Idea on how to Configure Designer 7.1.2 to integrate with CVS? Team development should be made core of the product.


Hi Bhaskara,

What specific configuration details are you looking for?

Designer 7.1.2 is an Eclipse-based tool that operates on files in the local workspace. As such, you should be able to use the Eclipse-plugin of the VCS of your choosing.

In the case of CVS, the Eclipse plugin is built-in. You should be able to open the “CVS Repositories” view and configure the location and path to the CVS repository. Then, you can add Designer files from the Navigator view using either the “Team” context menu items or by drag and drop to the CVS Repositories view.

Note that for some Designer assets (e.g. Tasks), each item in the Solutions view may have multiple corresponding files that need to be checked in. To know which files to use, simply right-click on the item in the Solutions view and choose “Show Files in Navigator”. This will switch to the Navigator view and select all the relevant files for you, which you can then check-in/check-out using the Team menu options.

Also, you may want to ensure that the preference General > Appearance > Label Decorations has the “CVS” item checked. This will ensure that you see the CVS information listed next to the files in Navigator.

I hope this helps.


Hi Michael,

When we lock view file, it automatically locks other dependent XML files, hence no 2 users can work on set of related view files

ex : if user 1 is editing “task details” portlet then it he will lock taskDefinition.xml and portlet.xml, in this case user 2 cannot edit or lock “queue new task” portlet

How to work around this issue?


CAF Designer does lock files that are not being modified. If one user works on a task portlet view then the .view file and .java file for the page bean definitely get locked/modified. Other related files may or may not be locked:

  • faces-config.xml - gets modified only if the user adds/updates/deletes managed beans and other views
  • portlet.xml and wm-portlet.xml gets modified if the user adds/updates/deletes portlets including portlet preferences, roles, attributes, etc
  • taskDefinition.xml gets modified when task gets updated in the Task Editor

If your source control system only allows one user at a time to lock/edit a file, then there is nothing we can do about it, other than recommending to split portlets into separate applications: one for each developer.



I am not quite sure…however is there any source conrol system which allows 2 users to lock 1 file ?

I was trying to search around advantage but there are no best practices available on version control especially for CAF projects.