Description about built-in services in developer

Hello !!
Where I can get the description about the built-in services in developer like what acutally the service is doing, what those parameters to service expects…

Thank you in advance

just hit F1 on the service and you should find all the detail on the service.

I tried it but i didnt get any info…
I have added a builtin service say documentArrayToStringTable in editor panel when i hit F1 nothing happened…

Search for “Integration_Server_Built-In_Services_Reference” document on advantage or just go to “_documentation” directory under the webMethods installation directory or open the developer, click on Help-> User Documentation → Developer → <IS_Version>_Integration_Server_Built-In_Services_Reference.

HI ,

If you press f1 then you will get description specific to selected service.May be you have selected some custom service written by some other person.
You should get help if it is built in webMethods service.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: