Deploying the process without using Deployer in wM 7.x

I have created business process in Designer 7.1.2 and would like to move these process into test environment.

In wM6.1 during deployment, we used to import the process model into modeler and move the process model package into target IS and execute the scan package service.

I know the process of deploying the model/process using Deployer tool. I would like to know how to move these process to another environment without using Deployer tool in wM7.x environment.

Please advise.

Thanks in Advance!


Are you saying that you don’t want to use designer as well as deployer to upload the model to different environment?


I dont want to use Deployer.

I would like to know what is the procedure needs to be followed for process model deployment, if my environment doesnt have Deployer.

Sorry for my same answer again… you can still use designer to build and execute by pointing the logical server to you target system (test) in your case.

May be if you don’t want to use this either… if yes… lets think of some alternate ways…


Thank you