Is there any way to bring the date of project created in deployer ?

Hi Gopi,

can you describe your request in detail please?

Where do you want to see the date of project creation?


Projects are stored in the file system. You could jst find out where they are stored and look at the creation date of the project’s folder. Another way would be to include the creation date into the project name or into the description field. This is particularly very easy if projects are created via scripts (e.g. using projectautomator).

can you expand your requirement…

Hi Thomsen,

we have requirement for deleting projects of 30 days in deployer .using built in services we can get list of projects and delete projects As we need to delete only 30 days projects .We are planning to get the project created date based on that we can get 30 days projects.please suggest if we have any other logics for this

Is it the place where you want me to look SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\instances\default\packages\WmDeployer\pub\projects

we are not using projectautomator

suggest me if you have any other ideas for the requirement i mentioned above