Deployer - Auditor Request for Activity

We are looking at auditor requests for a list of objects deployed to our production IS during the past 6 months. Is there an internal IS database table that contains this information that could be opened via SQL manager and queried to generate the report?

There is a security audit capability in IS 7.1 that can be enabled to capture this kind of data (package/service modification).

tbond, Thanks for the reply. I changed the Security Audit settings to log Packages and to enable on startup and generate audit data on Success & Failure. I then restarted my IS. Once the IS was restarted, I modified a flow service and saved the change. I then went into the Audit log and only saw 2 entries:
2008-11-12 09:20:59 EST Administrator wmservername:5555 logging.init:logStartup false Failed 281 java.lang.NullPointerException 20a800f0b0c511ddb957e7cfa174d3f6 NULL 20a800f0b0c511ddb957e7cfa174d3f6
2008-11-12 09:20:59 EST Administrator wmservername:5555 logging.init:logStartup false Started 0 NULL 20a800f0b0c511ddb957e7cfa174d3f6 NULL 20a800f0b0c511ddb957e7cfa174d3f6
with nothing relating to the package I had changed. Am I missing anything on this? We are at 7.1.1 on the IS and 7.1 on Developer.

First check your JDBC pool settings. I think you need to have iscoreaudit going to the database. You may need to audit services also. – Tim


JDBC pool settings are correct. Set up to audit services also. Restarted IS. Modified flow service. Disabled & enabled a package. Still no entries in the audit log. Any other ideas? Really appreciate your help.



The security audit items show up in the security log, not the audit. Some other items may be registered in the server.log.

– Tim


Sorry about using Todd before… Thanks, the entries are in the security log. I found the raw data in database CoreAudit in table WMSECURITY. How do I translate the AUDITTIMESTAMP column values into yyyy-mm-dd hh-MM-ss?

Thanks again for your help.