Deployer 6.1 FP2 causes IMDK 1.5-based adapters logging fail


I have encountered the following issue:

When you install Deployer 6.1 FP2 in an environment hosting Adapters based on the
old IMDK 1.* Runtime (like FieldAdapters [ARS in this case] and other pre-6.* adapters), the adapters are not able to initialize their logging facilities.

I assume that this has something to do with log4j-full.jar used by the adapters and commons-logging.jar introduced with Deployer 6.1 FP2.

log4j-full.jar is loaded before commons-logging.jar according to the About-page of the IS.

This is a pure 6.1.* Installation with JDBC-Adapter 6.0.3 FP1.

Anybody out there with an advice how to get the logging of these adapters working again?