Deploy child folder in IS package with jenkin

I config build.source.dir in AssetBuildEnviroment as package directory so jenkin will deploy all IS package to target server

Now I want deploy only a child folder in IS package to target server , is there anyway to do this?
thank you

Please have a look @ Deployer guide in Documentation Deployer Guide ( and property build.source.project.dir that can be of help here.

I see this option but in IS package directory, it not divide same as in Designer, it have code,config, lib, ns, pub … so it is complicated to config source path each time push code

I try config only folder inside “ns” but it not success

Hi Vu,

under the ns folder in the package structure you will find the folders and nodes visible in the Designer view.
Depending on the node type there will be different files in them:

  • each folder has a node.idf with the informations for this folder, this file also contains the shared java code when there are java service nodes in this level.
  • each node in Designer consists at least of a node.ndf (the “signature” when this node is a service node) plus flow.xml, java.frag etc. depending on node type.

Under code you will find three folders sources, classes and jars (this one might have a subfolder “static”).
The folder sources contain the combined file for all the java services per level and classes contains the compiled class file for this. The folder jars and its subfolder static contains the jar files which are needed for this package and the packages which have declared to be dependent on this package. Static subfolder contains the jars which have a relation to a native lib (like SAP Adapter) as these are only loaded during IS startup. Jars in the jars folder are loaded on package startup as well as package reloading. Therefore when placing a new version of the jar here it is only neccessary to reload the package instead of restarting the complete instance.

For further informations about the package structurce you might want to have a look at the Working with Designer Guide as well as the Service Development Help Guide.


I find solution for this:

To make partial selections, add the tag in the ProjectAutomator_.xml. Below is an example where a single flow service with name “ser111” is selected for deployment. Either use full namespace or use the * wildcard for the component name.

I have a question : what value can set in “componentType” ex: isflowservice …


Please set “isfolder” for deploying the folder.


Assetcatalog_for_RepositoryBased_deployement.pdf (2.8 MB)

Attached document also would help you.

Thank you so much, this is the solution for my question

By the way, with package, we can clone it in a directory local and it auto sync to my IS package folder: “SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\instances\default\packages”

How to clone config folder in git and it sync with IS config folder (SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\instances\default\config) like package?

And I want deploy user hiep001 to target server, Is this right config for this


I would recommend to use Designer workstation/Local Development instead of cloning into packages directory, It would also help to configure config folder.

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