Delta Save and DSIM dataset management

I use Delta Save on several databases. Today I had to recover from a DSIM overflow error, and the recovery process has left me unable to do any more merges because of a DSF066 error after ADARES COPY rebuilt the DSIM dataset.
it took a total of 4 PLOGCOPY outputs to capture the SYN1 and SYN2 checkpoints, with 1 and 3 having neither, 2 has the SYN1, and 4 had the SYN2 corresponding to the SYN1 in #2, but in addition has another SYN1 and SYN2 from a subsequent Save Delta.
When ADARES COPY ran it showed where it found the first SYN1-SYN2 pair, reported the DSIM as completed with 25% in use, but then continued on , later found the second SYN1-SYN2 pair, again reported the DSIM as complete but this time with 0% in use. ADASAV MERGE failed with DSF066 error complaining about a SYN1 checkpoint mismatch. Since I cannot stop ADARES COPY at the first SYN2 I could not avoid the DSF066 conflict. Support has output

It is not clear to me whether this is a product problem or a user error
If you have several SYN1 checkpoints on the PLOG input of your ADARES COPY you need to specify
PLOGNUM=protection-log-num, SYN1=chckpt-Block-num
to tell ADARES which DSIM dataset for which Deltasave you want to recreate
This is described in the Deltasave manual (not in the utilities manual, since this is a deltasave function only)
If you do not specify the SYN1 parameter and there are several, ADARES COPY assumes you are interested in the last Deltasave session that is each SYN1 checkpoint encountered overwrites the previous one

But, here is the issue:
If there are multiple pairs of SYN1-SYN2 combos AND you needed to rebuild the DSIM dataset using ADARES Copy in order to run one or ADASAV Merge processes, you have no way to stop at one of the earlier pairs of SYN1-SYN2 in order to use that data from the DSIM dataset in the ADASAV Merge. ADARES Copy processes each SYN1-SYN2 pair and reflects only the last pair. This is a product oversight/design flaw!

Did you specify in the ADARES COPY

PLOGNUM=protection-log-num, SYN1=chckpt-block-num

for the SYN1 Deltasave session you are interested in, that is the first SYN1 checkpoint?
If yes, ADARES Copy should have stopped at the first corresponding SYN2 checkpoint recreating the DSIM dataset and should have ignored any subsequent SYN1-SYN2 pairs.
If it did not, this is not a design flaw but a bug in the function, which you need to pursue with product support. The above parameters were explicitely created to solve this problem and are not needed otherwise.

If you did not specify the function works as designed. Please rerun and specify the above parameters correctly.

Thanks for the tip. Specifying the SYN1 block number worked as you stated. Support seems to not be aware of the changes related to this parm.!