Delimited flat file

Hi All,

I need a create a delimited flat file, the sample format would be say

July 1990;29;Pawan;12345;Software engineer
Aug 1990;30;Kiran;23456;Tech Lead
Sept 1990;31;Manish;34567;Project Manager

Every field is separated by ;
and every record should have \n(unix new line)

Could you please advice the best approach to create this flat file?


Your FF looks very basic and easy to implement. Try out the below;

In FF schema,

Record Parser= Demlimiter

Record= newline

Field or Composite= ;

In FF dico,

Define record definition under this define your field definitions like (monyyyy,dd,name,eid,dsgn)

set the extractor to Nth Field and give positions from 0 to 4

Prepare the FF schema DT, use convertToString service to create the FF.

Thanks Mahesh…

It worked… thanks a lot.