Deleting a doc type from

hi there,

i need to do to clean my broker from unused document types
how come i cannot delete any document from the can subscribe document list of the ‘eventLog’ client group ?
whichever doc i choose i got the message
Error: the selected document type(s) cannot be deleted from client group “eventLog”.

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Try deleting the log publish types from the same client group.


there is no log publish type in this client group as you can see on the screenshot below:

it only contains subscribe types ; would you have a ‘rubbish’ doc type you could try to delete from one of your broker ? so i would know if it’s a behaviour specific to my platform


I ran into the same problem and found a work-around

using the developer create a new document type based on the document type in the broker you wish to delete.

Then delete this document type from within the developer, it will ask if you wish to delete it from the broker too.



eventLog client group comes with broker installation. It can subscribe to all the events defined in broker. You cannot modify can subcribe list for this client group. Only way to remove events from can subcribe list is to delete the events.


thanks for these explanations
alas it still not enough to get rid of my doc rubbish types
here is what i did and saw :

  • deleted all references to a doc type in subscribe / publish lists on the broker, except from the eventLog lists (which is refusing the deletion anyway)
  • restarted the broker server
  • created a new doc type based on the broker server doctype i want to delete
  • deleted the doc type and ask for the deletion of the associated document type

and i get the error usual message “Document type destroy failed. The document type has client groups which can publish or can subscribe to the type. These permissions should be removed first.”

AND spooky thing : after this operation the doc type is back into the IntegrationServer can publish and can subscribe lists !

i may end up keeping my xxx_1 document type names, seems quicker than to try to get a clean situation
except if you’ve got a last idea … ?


follow this procedure:

  • delete all references to a doc type in subscribe / publish lists on the broker, except from the eventLog lists.

  • don’t restart the broker server. There’s no need for. Removing subscriptions (and any other operation on the broker for that matter) will take effect immediately.

  • still in WmBrokerAdmin, delete the desired doctype. No need to create an IS doctype based the broker doctype that you’d like to delete.

That’s all there is to it. If you want to delete associated doctypes on the IS, just do it there and choose not to delete the associated doctype on the broker (they’re already gone).

About your spooky thing: there’s nothing spooky about it. You never deleted the doctype on the broker. When you create an IS doctype based on a broker doctype, the IS will automatically add this doctype to the can_publish and can_subscribe list of its client group.

I hope this clears things.


thanks for your answer
at the last stage of your procedure here is the message i’ve got :
Can Publish entries in Client Groups:
Can Subscribe entries in Client Groups:

i can’t get rid of the two clients (i can’t find them in the clients list) + it still seems necessary to purge the eventLog before deleting the docType : (

Bonjour Sébastien,

If you can, do all that stuff through the Enterprise Manager application. It works great even on 6.1 Broker Servers.

Otherwise …