DeleteDocument Error (INOXJE8414)

Hey all,
I’m hoping someone can help me out here. I’m trying to delete a document through the API using spTaminoX->DeleteDocument(CodesDocument/@4102). If I check GetErrorStatus method I see that I get the following error message. “INOXJE8414 Invalid Content type”. However the delete seems to work successfully. If I query the repository for that ID it will be gone. Any ideas? Thanks…

-Ben DeMaster

If it works, ignore the message…

Sometimes browsers will through an error even though your API worked.

Knute Hestness

I suppose I should have said that this is a VB (6.0) client calling a C++ (6.0)ATL COM object. The problem with just ignoring the error message is that programatically I would have no way of knowing whether the delete was successful or not. At least not without querying for the ID again and that would be a little time consuming for a solution. Any other ideas? Thanks…

-Ben DeMaster

P.S. It does work successfully if I do a DeleteByQuery. But, I would like to do it either way.

Which version of the OCX is this? Explorer->TaminoX.ocx->Properties.

This works for me in my test environment (i.e. the error number is 0 for a successful delete and you get an HTTP error 404 for non existent document). But I am using the most recent incarnation of the OCX.

My TaminoX.ocx version is


I think that is quite an old version. The more recent versions of the OCX should fix this problem.