Delete with the Activex API

I can’t get the DeleteDocument working i get “INOXJE8400 HTTP Error 404 Not Found” using an url that retreves the document fine with the getDocument function.

I use vbscript and MS IIS.

Any help would be appreciated.


Please tell me what version of Tamino you are using

Even better would be knowing what version of the ActiveX control you are using. Try a Properties->Version on the TaminoX.ocx file. The most up to date is 1.2.5.

Found it!
I have tried with DeleteByQuery as well and wen i tried without specifying collection it works.

if i set collection in csDatabaseURL.
this works:
DeleteByQuery(“query” ,"",“doctype”)
this doesn’t
DeleteByQuery(“query” ,“collection”,“doctype”)

If anyone is intreasted.