Delete using a query

I want delete all documents retrieved by query. I am using c++ an my code is:

TaminoCommand* inoCommand = m_Tamino->CreateCommand(collection);
TaminoQuery* inoQuery = new TaminoQuery(query);
TaminoQueryResponse* inoResp = inoCommand->Query(inoQuery);


TaminoItemIterator* it = inoResp->GetItemIterator();
TaminoDocument* inoDoc = dynamic_cast<TaminoDocument*>(it->GetItem(__typeof(TaminoDocument)));

i doesn’t run because line “dynamic_cast<TaminoDocument*>(it->GetItem(__typeof(TaminoDocument)));” throw a WebException.
What’s wrong ?
Finally, in documentation a find the class “TaminoXmlDocument”, but I can use it from c++, why ?

One would normally use GetNode to get nodes. GetItem is used when you wish to get the node back as a particular “type”. In this case the type you wish the node to be must have a corresponding serializer generated using the .NET xsd tool from an .xsd type descriptor. This explains the dynamic cast exception.

I suspect that the use of TaminoDocument is incorrect in GetItem. This is why the example serializer TaminoXmlDocument is provided.

TaminoXmlDocument is under the Serialization namespace: SoftwareAG.Tamino.Api.Serialization.

By the way I suspect that you might be able to delete documents using XQuery. Unfortunately the website Find is not working at the moment.

I knew I had seen XQuery delete on documents.

It is detailed in this forum message:

i test it and It run, thanks for all