New Xquery for Tamino 4.1


The new Xquery looks like the thing I wanted to do. Query part of document , update , delete part of document. The problem is that I can’t do the update and the delete.

I have loaded the example xml schema with the xml data and tried the example queries as in the documentation.

But they don’t work. I get the following error message :

“It is not possible to open a cursor with XQuery Update Request.”

If the examples does not work , where can I get more information on how to get it working. I am trying this in the interactive interface.

And I would like to know how to call this in a html page via JavaScript.

Thanks :rolleyes:

Miklos Hagymassy


To get the delete working , the following boxes in the “Interactive Interface” must be cleared :

“Pos. in Result” and “Result size”.

This causes the query to work , if they are blank. :smiley:

Miklos Hagymassy