Delete nonXML Documents

I delete a lot of nonXML documents using DeletDocument(“docType/@ino:id”) function.
It seems to work because when I request for documents they don’t exist.
But my free data space for database is the same than before.
Why? I delete a lot of Mb :confused:

If you stop the database and restart it does it still show the same space usage? I.e. could it be that what is displayed and what is used are out of step?

Bill Leeney gave me the following info that should help explain what you are seeing:

Space is allocated to a collection/doctype when records are inserted.

This space remains allocated, even when records are deleted (exception for the special case below).

Deletion of records does not imply an increase in free (unallocated) space.

Special case ? if all records are deleted I think a refresh is done internally (at least in later versions of Tamino), and this causes all allocated space to be returned to free space pool.

Ok, I understand it.
I assume this allocated space is reused when another record is inserted.

thank for all