Delete non xml documents

Can I delete a set of non xml documents using one query ?
For exemple, I have five images into Tamino Server and I need to delete all.
Now I delete them with a query for each one.
thanks for all

Does the following XQuery work for you?
It does for me but I have access to a soon to be released Tamino version.

declare namespace tf=""
update for $p in input()/nonXMLdoctype
where tf:getInoId($p) = 1 do delete $p/..

deletes a single document with ino:id = 1

I’ve tried this query and I’ve received this message:
ino:message ino:returnvalue=“6364”>
<ino:messagetext ino:code=“INOXQE6364”>XQuery applied on non-XML doctype</ino:messagetext>
ino:messagelineDoctype: Image</ino:messageline>

My Tamino server version is
Thanks for all

I suspect that this is probably fixed by Tamino 4.2.