delete Broker log file

Is it possible to delete any Broker logs file here. Because the size of file is very big.

  1. Broker.qs
  2. Broker.qs.log
  3. Broker.qs.stor
  4. Broker1.qs.stor

Please kindly advice
Thanks a lot


Why do you even want to delete a storage and log file?
Did you create those files on local disk or on a separate SAN / CIFS share?

Looking at the files i think you have added more storage to the broker as i can see There must have been some requirement to create a new storage.

Check out server_conf utility to modify the logfile size.

one more thing from broker admin guide :
“You cannot decrease the reserve or maximum size of a storage file, delete the storage file,
or change the fileʹs location after is it created.”


Hi Sumith,

Yes, You are right.we can add new storage file like Broker1.qs.stor.
I have a question, I have SAN Drive of size 16 GB only.So far three 4 GB files are full and recently i created a new 4 GB file.
I want to delete the old three files to accommodate the new files.
How to delete these files? Can any body have an idea.?

-Vikram Pachica.

You probably should investigate why the storage consumption is increasing. It is possible that there are stale queues with subscriptions for documents that will never be retrieved. You’ll want to get rid of queues that are not being used.

Reamon has correctly pointed out. The storage file size will increase if there are any client queues getting filled and not getting cleared up.

Check all the client queues via MWS and if you find any explicit destroy clients which are no longer required then clear the queues and destroy the clients.

Somtimes some client are required but the subscription trigger is switched OFF, in this case switch ON the subscription trigger.

Sometimes everything looks fine but trigger does not work/subscribe, in that case you might want to check out latest broker fixes.