Delay while accessing EntireX XML Servlet first time.


We are exposing Natural subprograms as web services using EntireX. We create XMM files using Natural IDL generator/EntireX Workbench, deploy them in an App server (WebSphere v6) and specify the list of XMMs in an XML file called xml-init.xml. After deployment we get a URL of the form http://host:port/entirex/xmlrt to which if an XML request is sent, an RPC request is constructed and sent to EntireX Broker.

But when this endpoint URL is first accessed, there is a considerable delay which is directly proportional to the number of XMM files deployed. It is noticed that after deploying the XMMs when this URL is accessed via web browser the browser hangs for few minutes and then displays the list of XMMs deployed. However from second request onwards there is no delay and the EntireX XML Servlet processes requests as normal.

Have any of you experienced this delay first time? Do you feel if some caching of XMMs is going on at the background?


Hi Rolf,

Do you have any idea what’s actually happenning behind when the XMMs are deployed and the endpoint is hit in the browser for first time?


This is exactly what is happening.

Just wanted to confirm. Thanks a lot for your reply.