Delay in Posting the IDOC data to SAP

I was trying to post a batch of IDOC’s from SAP to webMethods. It takes 1 hour to send 10-12 IDOC’s sometimes. I am not able to figure it out if the problem is at the SAP end or at the webMethods end. webMethods will process the IDOC as soon as it recieves the IDOC. Is there any means by which this duration time can be reduced and are there any configurations that cab be done at SAP end or webMethods end by means of which the problem can be figured out? Thanks in advance !!!


May be you have to look deeper onto SAP Adapter RFC listener configuration settings and RoutingRules on webMethods side (receiving end) as well the SAP R/3 connectivity configuration that talks to webMethods,OS level for increasing the performance tuning etc…

Just my thoughts,

you can batch up the IDocs in SAP,then from webmethods try to pick a batch of 10 IDOCS at a time.
we had the same problem but with batching for idoc, the time has really come down.
Other problem, we had was TN database connection pool, which was set to 5 and we increased 50.Since we were posting the IDOCs to TN, because of the small connection pool, the IDocs were queued up in SAP.

Also, setting up other SAP listener, will help.

Thanks for the immediate responses recieved. There was a configuration problem at the SAP end while configuring the RFC destination. While configuring the RFC destination, the gateway host and gateway service needs to be configured in order to make the SAP server clear as where the IDOC’s should be send. After configuring the two parameters, the IDOC’s were posted immediately.

Here you go…glad you find out.

Can you please mention what configuration changes you have made