Defining project specific style sheets

Application Designer maintains its style sheets in a central directory cisnatural.war/cis/styles, which exists once per installation. If you want to use different style sheets per project, you can achieve this in the following way:
(a) In each Application Designer project directory define a subdirectory for style sheets and related files. Use the same name for this directory (e. g. projectstyles) in each project.
(b) In that subdirectory place the style sheets and related files for that project. Use the same name (e. g. PROJ_DEFAULT.css) for the main style
sheet file in each project.
© In the file …/cisnatural.war/cis/config/cisconfig.xml add the attribute defaultcss="./projectstyles/PROJ_DEFAULT.css" to the element cisconfig.
(d) Now for each project the specific style sheets from the directory projectstyles will be used.