Define a KPI on the total number of documents?

Hi All,

We have orders which are triggering BPM, we would like to know how many orders have come in using KPI’s.
We dont have any fields which can be considered as a fact. The only solution is based on
the documents. Can anybody let me know how to write this KPI asap?

You can also query based on the persisted TN documents count right for that particular orders doctype?? or you purposefully want to see the KPI info (logged fields) on the MWS graph/view?? I dont think you can do aggregate data based on documents count with out the Fact fields…



i think you can write a rule based on the custom adapters .Define rule based on the custom adapater KPI like

CustomAdapter/Object Status by Custom Adapter/Reading_Value < 0

Basically by this you will be identifying the trigger docs and if the trigger docs are < 0 for say 4 mins (based on your time intervel criteria) you will trigger and alert action