default namespace while coverting documentToXml

Hi All,

am using documenttoXml service for converting the document to xml, in output i need a defalut namespace which doe’snot namespace key xmlns=", it should effent in output xml.

i have other namespace have the key for namespaces

for this i have created keys in nsDecls of documentToXml service, am not getting how to get namespace which doen’t have the key, i have tried with creating @xmlns string in the document and set the value of this to where am using this document,but i require without setting the xmlns=" namespace where every am using this document ,i need to set the name space xmlns=" every time without creating @xmlns in the document where ever am using this document should have namespace xmlns=", please let me how can i get this namespace.

document is
incidentCall -----document
—name -------------string

output is

anil kumar e

Not a big deal. you got at least two ways -

  1. Configure namespace in your wM document type against the nodes and fields as required - so when you do documentToXML conversion you will get accordingly.
  2. Use XSLT transformation to transform the currently generated xml to what you want.