Debugging process with correlation services in Designer

Hi all,

Has someone sucessfully debugged a process which has a correlation service in a receive step (not the start step)? Whenever I try to debug the process, it ends on the step with the AND condition (see the designer help for an example).Kinda like:

S1 (recv) → S2
S2 → S3
S4(recv) → S3; S4 has a correlation service
S3 → end; S3 has an AND join from both S2 and S4

When I’m debugging, the process stops and S4, wasn’t it supposed to wait for a document from Step S2 (which has the correlation)?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

the first thing i would try is to run the process by manually publishing the document from developer and not running it in debug mode. This will help you work out if the problem is with your join/correlation service or something funky with the debugger