Debugging Java Services


I have written a java service which reads an excel file from the Unix box and processes it.

To debug that service, I have created a

The problem I face is, when I run that service in designer using the Run Configurations set for IS Service, I am able to get that excel file from the Unix box.

Whereas when I run it from the Configurations set for Java Application(Test Harness configured), I am getting IO file exception(System cannot find the path specified). Is there something else that needs to be set in Run Configurations created under Java Application?


Based on the IO error you are getting are you sure it has the correct path from the java application to access the file?

What is the path you are giving can you type here?


Just brainstorming:

it might be that the second configuration tries to read the file from the machine where designer is runnig instead of using the file on the server side?


One more point under brainstorming -

Do check the file separators. U - “/” or W - “[b][/b]”.