Debugging FS whose input is pulishable doc

I have a main flow service(FS1) which takes input xml, prepares a publishable document and publishes the document.
I am logging the input xml of FS1 and string format of publishable document.
I have the trigger which subscribes to the published document and calls another flow service (FS2).
I don’t have the save and restore pipelines in FS2. How do I debug this FS2 service line by line?

Usually we debug other flow services eitherby

  1. opening restorepipeline(which we don’t have for this service FS2) or>Test->send xml file for all the flow services which take xml input as node and not the publishable document.
    input: node → can debug through menu->Test->send xml file
    output none
    publishes doc1 → logging the string format of this
    input: doc1 (published doc of the above)

Create a separate version of FS1 to use as a test harness. Instead of publishing the document in FS1, directly invoke FS2 passing the publishable document type.

In this way you can test FS2 by stepping into it from your FS1 test harness. Modify the data in the publishable doc type to test various scenarios.

Another approach is to add savePipelineToFile call in FS2, then modify FS2 to use restorePipelineFrom file to test.


Here’s yet another possible approach.

Step through FS1 with the debugger.
After the pub event is created, save the pipeline to the server by right-clicking on the results pane and selecting “Save Pipeline to Server” and naming the file.

Step through FS2 with the debugger.
Before stepping beyond the first FLOW statement, right click on the results pane and select “Restore Pipeline from Server” to load the previously saved file. FS2 now has the event in the pipeline, assuming the var name used in FS1 is the same that FS2 accepts. The event won’t have the envelope fields filled in but if you don’t need any of that data in FS2, then you’re okay.

Yet another way is to to fill in the event data when running FS2, then save that data to a file for later loading when FS2 is run again. Filling in the event data the first time can be tedious but can be very useful.

And yet one more, is to use Document Tracker to capture one of the events published by FS1. Then save that event to a file within DocTracker. Then you can load that and publish it at will.

Hopefully one of these approaches will work for you.

Thank you Mark and Reamon.


I tried your first option and it works, great! Your third option is "Document Tracker ". I am not sure how I can access Document Tracker and use it. Is there any documentation which gives me information of how to use it?

Document Tracker is an unsupported tool available on Advantage. It’s a tool from the old Active Software days but is still quite useful. The documentation is pretty thin but it’s fairly intuitive to use if you’re familiar with Broker and its concepts.