Dealing with xs:duration in XQuery

Hello everyone,

This is a rather simple question, but I am not sure how to deal with it.

I have an attribute called “interval” for one of my elements and it is of type xs:duration.
This type is perfect for what I need to do with it.

I can insert something like this as a value: “P2D” (which means duration of 2 days).
When I check in Xplorer, it is stored as “P2D”.

However, when I retrieve it with XQuery, I get this back: interval="P0Y0M2DT0H0M0.0S"

The Xquery appends and prepends the “missing” components of the duration with their values being 0.

One of my applications expect a numerical value, since it doesn’t understand schema types. Is there a way in XQuery to strip away the characters if one knows the value will be days only, for example?

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Peter Endisch

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in 4.2 Tamino XQuery supports some substring
functions, which you can use for that purpose,

declare namespace xs = ""
substring-before( string (xs:duration(“P2D”)), “T” )

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