Deadletter queue inthe broker

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How to create deadletter queue in the broker


You can do this from Messaging UI: Select the Broker and check Dead Letter queue tab. You will need to enter the id this will result in a dead letter queue creation for the selected Broker.

Refer to Broker Administration guide for details.

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@ Sandeep

Have few questions:

Can we do this on IS page on webMethods 9 and up?

What did you mean by Messaging UI? Is it MWS or something else. Can you please let me know :slight_smile:

Messaging UI is MWS based. Installing MWS Server and Broker UI.

WmBrokerAdmin package can be used, but it is no longer supported. Using MWS based Messaging UI is preferred route.

WmBrokerAdmin-Package no longer exists as for wM 7.x and above.

WmBrokerAdmin-Package has been deprecated for wM 6.5.x.

These functionalities have been moved to MWS (Messaging UI) as already stated by other communities members.


I understand now. Thanks all for your comments :slight_smile: