DCB of output sequential file with utilities ADAULD/ADACMP


I need to load into an Adabas database under the Z / OS operating system files that are contained in a CD and I do not have the information about the DCB with which they were downloaded.
Can someone tell me if DCB is not specified in DDEBAND what are the values of RECFM, LRECL, BLKSIZE.
The problem is that I don’t have any documentation of how these files were downloaded to the CD. I need to load them into the Z / OS so that they are the DDEBAND entry with the correct DCB.

Thank you very much in advance

Kind Regards.


I ran ADALOD and ADACMP DECOMPRESS, specifying neither LRECL nor BLKSIZE in the JCL. For both output datasets, RECFM=VB, LRECL=32756, and BLKSIZE=32760.

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