DB2 HADR cluster

We have DB2 (Active/Active)in clustered setup on DB2 UDB environment. There are two database nodes (eg.,wmdba01 and wmdba02). Would like to know, if 3rd party load balancer is needed for this DB2 cluster. Also, what would be the URL to connect to the DB in this clustered DB setup.

Let me know, if you need any more info.

Appreciate any inputs or comments. Thanks

Though someone here may have info/experience with this DB setup, these items might be better addressed to a DB2 forum.

Actually, am looking for some inputs from webMethods front for connection URL to connect to DB cluster when a load balancer is used. For eg., the DB nodes are wmdb093.pr.abc.com and wmdb094.pr.abc.com. Both are in active/active mode. and the load balancer used is b2btrnx.pr.abc.com. Now, what will be the connecting URL used in webMethods to connect to the DB nodes in this clustered setup.

I’m hoping someone here does indeed have the info, but again this is more a DB2 question than an IS question. The connection URL and its format is prescribed by the DB and the JDBC driver in use, not by IS.

That said, there may be some connection string information in various documents on Advantage. A search through those may turn up what you’re after.

Thank you Reamon for your inputs.

Am trying to find out, if the load balancer is in place for any clustered setup (whether its in IS, DB, etc) what would be the URL to connect to those components. Lets assume, I have 2 ISs in the cluster, and it has a loadbalancer. Now, for any i/b (inbound request) request would pass through the loadbalancer, lets say ‘http://pwmx856.abc.com:5555’, through this URL the i/b requests are routed to the ISs in the cluster. Likewise, what could be the URL that is used in webMethods environment that could connect to any DBs in cluster. Lets say the DB servers are ‘pwmabc23:4444’ and ‘pwmabc24:4444’.

Let me know, any inputs or further details on this question.


As the 2 DB2 db’s are on diff servers and each have their own ip/user accounts,so you have to create 2 diff adapter connections from 2 diff IS’s right?

Am i missing something here?


Thanks RMg.

If the DB cluster is Active/Active, then there will be only one DB connection URL to the cluster which has 2 DB servers. So that during fail over situation, when one server fails, the next one is up and running with the same connection URL.
Please correct me if am wrong.

Uh! I didn’t pay attention that it is Active/Active…you may be right and only one adapter connection is needed in this case.

Yes, its in active/active mode.
And try to see if the following URL works:

DB server 1 is wmdb093.pr.abc.com:4444
DB server 2 is wmdb094.pr.abc.com:4444

Need to know, what is goin to be ‘xx’ in the connection URL mentioned above.


Presumably it needs to be the virtual hostname that is managed by the load balancer. For Oracle, I’ve seen that’s not usually the case–there isn’t a load balancer. Usually, the client manages load balancing and fail over itself and the URL contains information for all the DB servers in the cluster. Dunno if DB2 uses a similar technique or something else.

Thanks Reamon.
Yes, wM is going to manage fail-over while interface with DB2 HADR cluster. We need some expert’s inputs on setting up virtual load balancer and URL connectivity to DB2 HADR cluster. Our team is looking out for specific information to get this item completed.

Any inputs appreciated.

Strictly speaking, it is not wM that manages that. It is the JDBC driver, provided by IBM. It is the driver that performs load balancing and failover facilities, not wM IS. (And I’m not sure that load balancing is provided, though it may be.)

The following link may be helpful.
[URL]IBM Developer

The “DB2 Universal JDBC Driver behavior when running DB2 HADR” section describes how the JDBC driver behaves for failover.

The “Configuring WebSphere Application Server” section notes “[the DB2 client] doesn’t need to know anything about the standby machine, since the high availability and client reroute features are supported on the DB2 server side. Hence, you will define your DB2 datasource in the same manner as if you were not using HADR.” While the screenshot is of WAS, the configuration items are always the same for the driver. What differs is how the system that is hosting the driver captures the configuration settings from the user.

For the additional properties described in that section, you can apply those in the Other Properties field when configuring the connection.

Hope this helps. Or at least leads you to the info you need.