DB connectivity with service

Can anyone share a step by step guide for creating a service using webmethod that will communicate with my external database?

Hi Muhammad,

first of all we will need some more details:

Which Type of Database are you connectiong to? Vendor and version recommended.
Which version of wM are you using?
Do you have the Product “JDBC Adapter” resp. “Adapter for JDBC” available for your Installation?


Hi, Thanks for the reply.
I want to connect to SQL 2012 and also will be interested in connecting with oracle.
I am totally new to webMethods, so I created a simple service that returns plain data after some calculation with Transformation.
Now I want to start with a real time service that will GET/POST data from the database.

PS. when I login to my IS and on left side of the panel there is a Menu Called “Adapters”, when I expand that I can not find anything in it, which hopefully means that adapter has not been installed in IS.

If so should I ask the Administrator to install or I can do it myself?

thanks again…

Hi Muhammad,

when you have access to the installable components and to the instance you can install it yourself, otherwise ask your administrator to install.

Please note that your project/customer needs to be licensed for the JDBC adapter even if it does not require a dedicated license file.

You can either use the bundled DataDirect driver (when you are on webMethods 9.x or 10.x) or you can download the drivers from MSDN or Oracle Technet for free.