DB Connection issue Developer vs Scheduled Task

Background: I have created webMethods services that run approx. 60 SQL scripts against Sybase 12 or 12.5 database. In the flow, I explicitly connect and start a transaction in the beginning, and I explicitly close the connect at the end of the processing. Also, I’m passing the connection object to the pub.db:execSQL webMethods Java Service for all SQL scripts.

When I run my services via Developer against Sybase using the built-in JDBC services, everything runs great.

When I run my services as a Scheduled Task, I come to find out that Integration Server creates a new connection to the database when calling the pub.db.execSQL Java service. This is posing a problem for me since most of the 60 SQL scripts create and use each other’s temporary tables (being named with # in front). A new connection limits the visibility of temporary tables in each connection.

Why is Integration Server opening a new connection mid-process? Is Developer handling this in a different way?

Please advise, and thank you very much…in advance :slight_smile:

Also, I’m using webMethods 4.6. Thanks :slight_smile:

This could be because the scheduled tasks are running as different sessions and the JDBC connection is being pooled at the session level.

I think there is a “global” or “server” JDBC connection pooling option that can be set in server.cnf. Check the readme and doc for watt.server.db.somethinglikeconnectionpoolOrpooloptionOrpoolstyle.