Date&time format in XPath/bpel expressions

What is the correct format of dateTime in XPath expressions?

I’m trying to set dynamically timeout of AND JOIN step in my process to absolute value specifiied in a document in global data.

It works fine for a date but time is always being set to midnight regardless of what is specified in realizationDate string.

I tried with several date formats but none of them worked (time is always truncated):
2005-09-29 12:54:14 CEST
2005-09-29 12:54:14
2005-09-29 12:54

Is that webMethods bug or am I using wrong time format?


relative join timeout value should be expressed in xs:duration format instead (i.e. PT5M for 5 minutes). I suppose the absolute join timeout should be expressed in xs:dateTime format, but the Modeler User Guide should be very clear on that point. These formats are specified on in the XML Schema part 2 specs.

Last two of my examples are taken from that specification.
Unfortunately they don’t work as well…


Did you have a look at the sample here on Advantage titled “Specifying XPATH join timeout in model step”? Perhaps it will provide some hints for you? You can find it at:


I’ve seen it.

In this example timeout is being set to relative value (i.e. 20 minutes) not to absolute calue (specific date).
I’m using very similar solution but it works only partially…


I want absolute time out of 6PM EST everyday for my process model. Can you please help me how can I do it using XPath. Looks like the absolute timeout has date associated with it. How can I choose to be recurring?