Date Received filter issues, daylight saving time


I am running webMethods Integration server 7.1 on a Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 server and experiencing the following problem when reviewing transactions in the Trading Networks Console. I also have developed a service in Developer to extract and report on the same data and get the same issue.

The issue is that at 00:50 each day a job is scheduled on the server to extract and send some data. This job is running correctly at the correct time.
The issue I have is that we have a daily check process that reviews the Transaction Analysis, with a filter of ‘Today’ and since moving onto British Summer Time, the transaction does not appear is todays results, but appears as yesterdays.
Although this is a minor thing, the scheduled service that is reporting the daily status report is now convinced this job did not run.
Rather than change the report, I would rather get the TNC to report jobs running between midnight and 01:00 as being today’s jobs!

Any ideas?



You can try apply this fix/dependencies to correct this TN analysis today criteria issue:

TNS_7-1-2_DB_Fix2 (or latest superseded fix) – check the readme file: