Date is reducing by 1 day

Hi ,
I am entering date using dateInput in my CAF protlet … updated to Oracle DB it is reduced by 1 day. Can u give me solution how to do that?

Iam using ojdbc14.jar,
The field datatype is DATE in Oracle and JDBC type in Adapter Service is DATE, mapped to Java.util.Date and working on that.


I once had exactly same issue.
If you will note actually CAF will be sending the date reduced by 1 day. JDBC is doing what it is expected to do. Issue is on CAF side.
I was able to resolve it by changing the type of field to Text Input and back to Date Input :smiley:

I also met the issues , I have resolved and still use the date contorl
We need to set the date of the timezone property of controls, The set value of Convert control is #{user.profile[“user.default.time_zone”]} when you display a datetime, The set value of date control is user when you input a datetime