Date format validation

Hi Folks,

Third party system consumes wM WSDL. In this WSDL one field holds date content , as per mapping format should be dd/MM/yyyy. Flow service would discard the request if data doesn’t conforms to the document type defined.
Applying date constraint with the format throws error.

I am not sure how to validate date format. As of now , I am using pub.schema:validate with input as document

Can you please suggest some ideas?


So is the schema:validate against the DTD/Schema not working for you?

I’ve given conformsTo as document type not DTD/Schema in “pub.schema:validate” built in service

Yes, anyway it’s not working.

Can I get some idea from you or other members?

When you open the WM WSDL do you see your date format as an enumeration on that field?

I think what you did in the first place is the right way to do it, use the validations on fields as enumerations and then set the “conforms to” property on the service. This should filter out all the junk data and thow SOAP faults to the consuming application.

Validation on content can be removed by settting ignore content to “true”

Try that and let us see