Database validation

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Iam having problem with the following scenario.

First i have to send the html page including the details for validation to the webMethods and then it will be send to the database for the validating the details provided in html page
can anyone help in the above process , please it is very urgent

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Use DSP’s template/pages in terms of this scenario and as you know dsp’s can invoke flow/java services in wM so that you can send data for validation process and if success then insert to target DB.Please review “Dynamic Server Pages and Output Templates Developers Guide userguide” for more information.


Hiii , I am working on the same problem , Just over with creation of website with validation the login creentials and then navigating nside the pages as per the requirements

Steps for validation are :-

  1. Create a dsp page and 2 text boxes (username and password) with submit and reset also …
  2. enter the username and password in the concerned boxes and click on submit.

On Submission it would invoke the service (lets name it as rohit:validation) it will validate the login credentials u have put in
2.1 inside the service create dictionary, schema , and document type for login flat file (having details abt the login username and password)
2.2 validate the input data with the loop on the login document…and return some variable (lets name it as status)
2.3 if status is 0 :- validation successfull
if status is 1 :- validation unsuccessfull
2.4 return the status values

  1. In the dsp tag use the switch case tag
    and switch over the status value .
    %switch status%
    %case ‘0’%
    Validation Successfull
    %case ‘1’%
    Unvalidation Successfull

%end switch%

  1. even in switch case itself on validation u can call another dsp page like , to change the password , insert records , show records , track records

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hi sitaram.

use pub.client.http to call your http page.
the output from this service is a detail page (html source). So you can validate it, and send it to the other system.