Database Table vs Record Locking

I’m running IS 6.5 with the JDBC Adapter 6.5 Fix 4 connected to MS SQL2000.

We’re presently using the implicit transaction management (based on the life of the top level service) and are finding that when one service is running (e.g. PO outbound) that other services (e.g. PO Ack inbound) block until it finishes.

This tells me that we are locking the tables rather than records. Is there a way to enable record locking for better throughput? This also means that we can’t run multiple copies of a service to parallel process documents.

We will likely switch to explicit transaction management to allow more granular definitions of transaction scope, but the table locking will still be an issue.

Are others experiencing this behavior?

Thanks for your help.

Howard Neuwirth-Hirsch

What types of JDBC services are you using that are experiencing this?

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We’re using JDBC Adapters: SelectSQL and InsertSQL.

This thread appears to be covering the same topic. Perhaps it covers what you need?