Database table field with data encrypt

I have a SQL Server database table with some field encrypted.
I need to read this fields and decrypt the data contained. It is possible directly with the JDBC adapter with some settings?
Otherwise, the solution could be read the data and decrypt in a flow service? which service should be used?

I need to known also how encrypt the data and write it into the database.

Someone can help me?

Kind Regards

Hello Paolo,

Its not possible through JDBC adapter to decrypt any encrypted fields.

The encryption logic can be placed in stored procedure or in Integration server flow. But first, you need to understand the encryption logic used for the field.

Hi Sasanka,
how webMethods will be compliant with the GDPR standard?

I mean if the data will be crypted and protected how webMethods can be access to this data with the existing solution (JDBC adapter)?

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Hi Fabio,

you might consider opening an incident in empower to get this clarified.