Database Storage problem

Hi ,

Anyone havng Idea about the followin exception .

Database Storage problem. Exception: [wm-cjdbc32-0014][Oracle JDBC Driver]No more data available to read

a similar error, returned by WmDB+Oracle JDBC driver, is “no more data to read from socket” and it’s usually returned when your session is killed or the database went down. Have you checked if something happened on database side?


This can happen if the connection to the database is somehow lost (ie. database or network went down) and you’re left with a bad connection in the pool. Check the pool settings for that JDBC Adapter connection. If Minimum Pool Size is set to something other than zero, then consider setting it to zero. This causes the IS to get rid of stale connections.

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Hi Percio / Sandro ,

Actually I am dealing with any Database here ., We have process which takes the Flatfile (More than 32 mb) webMethod will spilts that into small files (each 2000 kb ) than loop on filenames to map the EDI Format … this will generate the .xxx file ., then .xxx file will be validate against HIPPA .

I am able to gererate the .xxx file and validation is went fine for small files…
even Once I process same file havimg 32mb and validated against HIPPA.

But same file failed and getting NO MORE DATA TO READ error.

let me know do you have any idea?

Thanks ,

And where is the database in this???

It might have problem with Internnel tables ? do you have idea about cjdbd32 builds ?