Data Transfer Between Innner & Outer Portlet


I have two portlet application project.

First portlet application project has a generic portlet used in second application project as inner portlet (using include portlet component).

The communication between the inner & outer portlets is done by passing a databean (POJO class object) in session (using faces context).

This data bean has been exported as jar and put in the server (ex. C:\softwareAG\NWS\lib)

From server lib, both portlet application uses the databean.

In outer portlet’s init method, I am creating an object of data bean & putting it into the session,
In the inner portlet’s init method, I try to retrieve the data bean from the session.

In doing so I getting class cast exception.

It seems that class loader is loading two separate instances of the data bean?
What can be the reason behind it?

Appreciate your input!

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(from one of our experts)
“I would check for the project *.war file in the MWS /deploy folder if it has this common jar under WEB-INF/lib folder. If so you need to correct WAR project settings to not export this jar.”

Thanks mars,

WAR file does not contain any jar files in it, we found the soulution by putting the Jar file in the lib dir of the MWS & adding the classpath of it in setevn.bat/ file

sorry for name mistake… Mark