Data loading with inoxmld


I’m trying to import a xml document into my database with inoxmld.

I’m using this command line:

inoxmld database=pfergui user=[administrator] collection=DCSDTeste/request input=E:\Users\Fernando\Xbench\xbench\output\Small\catalog.xml norejects log=c:\erro2.xml

When the import is finished I get the following error :
(INOXDE7935) Schema not found

This error occurs but i think that both my schema and my collection are well defined.

Any tip for me?

Cheers, Fernando.

A quick shot: Case sensitivity ?
I haven’t experienced that this errormesage was wrong, but I’ve often discovered that I had made a spellingmistake somewhere - so try doublechecking your schemanames and the actual documents.

I’ll try this tomorrow.

Thanks anyway.