can't load simple xml file into ino:collection

Hi, I’m trying to load a sample xml, person1.xml, that’s a tamino sample. These
are the error messages.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Progress: Fatal Errors: 0

Severity Message MessageID Date/Time
Tamino database handling on Windows NT INODSA1002 2003-02-14 16:29:03
Database mydb accessed online INODSI1463 2003-02-14 16:29:05
index space has been backed up INORBI4468 2003-02-14 16:29:06
data space has been backed up INORBI4468 2003-02-14 16:29:06
Backup of database completed successfully INORBI4631 2003-02-14 16:29:06
XML mass loading failed INOXME8539 2003-02-14 16:29:06

Hi Tammin,

I’m making the assumption that you have defined the person schema to your database. If not then I suggest you use the Tamino Schema Editor to define the schema to your database.

The next step after defining the person schema is to open the Tamino Interactive interface. Specicfy the URL to your database as follows: http://localhost/tamino/mydb (where mydb is the database name) - specify the collection name, which should be “people”. Once you have done this, select the “Browse” button next to the “Process” command and select the xml document you want to load. After selecting the xml document, press the “Process” button and this should load the xml document into your dabatase. After successful load of the document you should see the following type of response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
- <ino:response xmlns:ino=“” xmlns:xql=“XQL FAQ (XML Query Language - Frequently Asked Questions)”>
- <ino:message ino:returnvalue=“0”>
ino:messagelinedocument processing started</ino:messageline>
<ino:object ino:collection=“people” ino:doctype=“person” ino:id=“1” />
- <ino:message ino:returnvalue=“0”>
ino:messagelinedocument processing ended</ino:messageline>

Repeat this process for the other sample documents. To query the collection you can specify the following query to see the data that has been loaded into the database:

“/person” or “/*” in the Query tab.

I hope this will help.