Data integration flow status after suspension

Assuming A application is source and B application is target.
If there is certain activity on application B (Target) and that application is down ,if we suspend all integrations related to B then where the data goes which is coming from Application A (Source).

Hi Rohan,

I assume that you are asking about the message that is published between application A and B using Messaging service bus. As far as I know with UM/Broker you can do the publish with below option.

  1. Guaranteed delivery publishing :
    APP - A which is publishing the message to APP - B using guaranteed delivery publishing via Messaging system by the time APP - B is Down.Published data will get persisted to the message system until the time to live period expires. If the APP - B come backs with in the time to live period then the message get processed and Messaging system will notify the APP - A. if not Messaging system will discard the data and notify the APP - A.

  2. Non Guaranteed delivery publishing :

    APP - B has to be available all time to process the message that published by the APP - A. if not message system will discard and it will not notify the APP - A and you could experience the the data loss.

if you are not looking for something else, kindly explain the same

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Rohan, In any case make sure you have pub/sub - Integrations designed with Guaranteed publishing that way no data loss with the App B not available scenario. Hope you are clear with the above collated config steps!


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