Data inserting into destination system without inserting data into source systaem

Hi All,
We had an issue such that without inserting the data into Database the data is going to destination end. Let me explain me in brief:

    After inserting data into database. The data is inserted into respective buffer table based on ID. After data is inserted into buffer table a publishable document type is created and published to broker. the respective service subscribes that document, converts to XML document and sends to TN and from TN it goes to partner.

 so we checked wether the data was being inserted to source database and we found that there was only one row present. so we checked in buffer table. No row was present in buffertable as well. But it is reflecting in TN we found each day one record is going to destination side. This was happening for the past few days 

Pls anyone help me in this regard,


Is it the same data over and over? Data that is from the same, 1 row in the table?

Hi Reamon,
Yes , it’s the same data being going everyday with the same date and Time stamp. We think that it is the TN issue going on. As data is being submitted from TN only. NO user is being submitted the Data. Pls help me.


It may be a TN issue, but I think I’d check the DB side first.

What is the DB trigger that populates the buffer table? What DB tasks are occurring each day? My suspicion is that something is causing the DB trigger to fire daily.

we checked the data in buffer table But there is no data. Regarding the DB issue it’s not happening for all the Rows. I mean to say that we are not getting these problem for all rows but only for a particular row we are getting this problem.

Thanks ,

The buffer table won’t have any data after the adapter picks it up. Can you post your DB trigger? And your JDBC notification?