Data Collector API

Hello people!

I have a question about the Data Collector API.

I need to monitor a Java application. This Java application can call APIs, for example the Data Collector APIs. I found some refereces about this API in the Optimize documentation, however I didn´t find the API properly and how to use it.

Anyone can help me out?

Thank´s in advance.
Vivian Satie

Hello? Anybody there? :frowning:

Hi Vivian,

Unfortunately, it’s not a reply to your question because I’m looking for the same kind of information in order to implement a custom monitoring.

So if you found anything, don’t hesitate to share them :wink:

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I guess you can log data to DC using web-service calls but I have not explored them.
However, WM provides off-the-shelf services which you can use to log data to data collector.Package name is WmOptimize.Have your java program invoke this service and pass the right parameters and your job is done.