Customizing processing rulesurgent help needed

Hi experts,
I want a processing rule to perform action only at certain dates.I want it to work on say Monday- friday and ignore/process the documents from sat-sunday on next monday.Is there any built in service to do that or does some body have a java code to do that .RMG or some one plz help…

RMG or some one plz help

I Contacted wm P.S This is what they said
I’ve done furthur analysis on this.Unfortunately there is no public service available to accomplish this.

However I’ve come across some interesting private services,which you might be able to use by writing some custom code around them.

the services are"" and “”.
Try to invoke these services from developer, and you can see a document representing rule available in pipeline

please note that we do not recommend using non-public APIS in code directly,as they might
chhange in future version of the product."

              I think a java service should be writen which which enable and disable a processing rule automatically.As I am new to wm and java can some body plz help.Thanks alot in advance

I would have the processing rule invoke a custom service. The first thing I would do in the custom service is determine the day of the week. Use a BRANCH & SEQUENCE that tests the day of the week to invoke the code you want to execute.

I agree with Chris, this custom processing rule would run all the time, but only do something when it is invoked during your desired time period.


Chris and mark,
Thank you very much for your suggestions.I am not sure of the timings that the processing rule should be invoked.If a custom code is written with the services “” and “”. i.e in the result of the service if the processing rule is disabled it should be enabled and vice-versa…In this way if the code is written then i can schedule the custom service at desired timings to turn on and turn off the processing rule.Can some one plz help with the custom code…Thanks in advance

Thanks alot for all your replies, i just wrote a custom flow service to do that and its working fine.