Customizing business console's main or sub navigation


We are developing custom gadgets on business console and adding them on appspaces. Currently, only way to navigate to an appspace is to Click on “Appspaces” tab sub-navigation and choose an appspace.

Is there a way we can customize this sub-navigation and add appspace link directly on the tabs section? We do not want to navigate through “AppSpaces” tab… instead we want a link to our appspace along with other tabs like “Whats Happening Now”, “Task Inbox” and “Appspaces”

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Prasad Pokala

Hi Prasad,

We have extracted the appspaces module and made it availabale as a separate link. You can access it using


e.g http://localhost:8585/appspaces.

With this, the ‘Appspaces’ menu appears on to top navigation and you access any of the appspace from the menu.

If you would like to have a direct link to access your appspace, that can be done by following the steps below

  1. Navigate to any appspace from within Business Console
  2. Click on the Gear Icon (next to the appspace name) and click ‘Edit Appspace’
  3. Click on the ‘Confgure’ button
  4. In the modal dialog, next to ‘Alias’, provide an alias for the appspace. For example: myappspace
  5. Click on Save.

Once you do this, then you can access your appspace using the URL below


For example:


With this, you can open your appapce independently and can completely build your own applications, including navigation and other components etc.

Please let me know if this helps.


Thanks for the response Rizwan. From which version of webMethods does http://:/appspaces work?

I am on webMethods 912 and I have just tried it. No luck.

Can you please apply the latest Business Console fix, fix4 or above,
Fix6 is the latest which got released last week.

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Hi Amit and Rizwan… I have installed latest fixes (fix6) and noticed couple of things:

  1. http://:/appspaces is opening now but it isn’t looking like you described

Instead, appspaces are being listed as boxes on the page and asking user to select one of them as landing page (attached Screenshot 1). I have gone through fix “Release Notes” to understand if I need to do anything extra for this but nothing in it.

  1. I noticed that, after installing Fix 6, the “INSTANT TASK” vertical button on left side of page missing (attached Screenshot 2)