Custom return code after putting a file on the server using FTP protocol

I’m using webmethods built-in ftp service in the folder to put an xml file on our vendor’s server. I’m able to do that successfully and i’m getting an ftp return code of 221. When i put the file on the vendor’s ftp server though, they return back a string called batchId which is used to track the files that are put on the server successfully. How do i capture the batchId as string returned by the vendor’s ftp server? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

The ftp service is only currently returning standard ftp return code (221) and not the batchId that the vendor wants to send back.

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I’m trying to find a solution as soon as i can due a tight deadline. Any ideas would be appreciated. Do i have to use any third party java libraries to be able to do this?

Sorry for speeding through questions. I got the solution though. Instead of using the ftp service, if use the individual ftp client services like login, put etc… i get the messages for each individual step. Previously when i used the ftp service directly i just got only the last message and not the one after the PUT message.