Custom HTML Portlet with JavaScript for MWS


first of all. I am only experienced in the Service Development with the Designer (9.7).

At the moment i am constructing a monitoring tool. The results should be displayed in a Portlet on the MWS. The problem is: I have no clue about CAF and how to use UI Development in the Designer. And noone else here does. The Documentation is going deep very fast and i haven’t found any Threads about this.

My question is: Can i build a custom portlet for MWS with just HTML and an external JavaScript Library (needed to visualize some data) without using predefined things from the Palette or is this simply not possible. I am reading about Dynamic Server Pages (DSP) at the moment, which seems to be a thing which fulfills my needs. But this is just a page which can be accessed via browser and can’t be used as Portlet on the MWS right?

Thanks for your Help!

Hi Matt,

can you precise your request with informations which data you want to visualize?

DSP pages are placed in packages on IntegrationServer and can be invoked there.
See DSP Developers Guide for details.

You might want to evaluate wM Monitor product if it is visualizing the data you want.



Yes you can use a JS library byincluding in the page but you must be careful as it may get in conflict with the libraries CAF is using (analyse the MWS pages you are receiving).

DSP are an old approach, closely related to the way JSP works. It does not integrate with MWS.

As you are in 9.7, I’am not sure you can use OpenCAF (easier to integrate) but please verify.

Yes CAF has a steep learning curve and should be abandoned but in some cases it is the only option available.

My sole advice: make the backend service prepare the data as much as possible, you don’t want do to it in CAF.

Best Regards and Good Luck (you’ll need it).

All Data processing is already done by the backendservices and stored into a Database.

In the Portlet i want a nice view for every entry of the database, a diagram per entry and some diagrams for overall statistics. For the diagrams i want to use this JavaScript Library: NVD3. The values for the diagrams are also delivered by a webservice.

Edit: I don’t want to use other products

Please see if it’s an option to upgrade to 9.8 or higher where OpenCAF is supported.

Also this maybe of interest for you

Note that MWS 9.7 has a preview of OpenCAF and it was officially supported only in MWS 9.8 or later.

Updating to 9.8 is no Option :frowning: