Custom directory service provider


Cx needs to adapt an directory service provider in MWS to get access to his user and groups stored somewhere.
Is there an example how to implement a directory service provider?


MWS does not have support for custom directory service providers. This customer’s directory service information is not available via database or LDAP/ADSI?

Maybe a late reply, but…

I don’t know the version Ron Wilson is on, but my MWS does support Custom Data Sources which can be used by Directory Services.

So if “stored somewhere” means in a database…
Create a Custom Data source to that database
and use the Custom Data source in the Directory Service

Yes, MWS supports Custom Data Sources (links to external databases) and that database can be adapted to a directory using the Directory Services Administration → Database configuration.

However, the original question did not mention a database, which is why I asked if the customer’s directory service information was available via database or LDAP/ADSI. MWS supports LDAP/ADSI or Database based directory services only.